Design Sheetmetal Stainless Copper

Mechanical Engineering Design is one of our fundamental core skills. We work in partnership with our clients to develop new products, improve existing products and develop bespoke systems.

  • Our design process uses a planned and staged approach which may be tapped into at whatever stage the client requires.
  • Our design team of qualified engineers use a combination of current 3D software and traditional engineering methods to meet our client’s needs.
  • We provide 3D models of all our projects and a full service of taking projects from concept right through to a complete set of manufacturing drawings and build.
  • 3D Models simplify complicated concepts, by providing a visual picture. Concepts and ideas, which cannot easily be represented verbally, can be easily created and viewed from different angles on 3D models.
  • After a consultation with a customer to get a better understanding of their ideas and requirements, site visits can be arranged where required.
  • We quickly develop 3D models of concepts and ideals which will lead to the finished product.

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For further information, here is our contact information.

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